A few weeks ago, I walked in on an argument between two of my children. As the intensity of their debate increased, I couldn’t help but notice that both were passionately defending their point of view. Both felt like they were completely right.

As we talked through the situation, I shared a story about the power of perspective. It’s ok if you imagine teenage eye-rolls and groans. I’m used to it. Allow me to share the story with you. When I was a kid growing up in the province of Newfoundland in eastern Canada, we lived about four hours from the city. As it got close to the holidays, we would take the excursion into the city for holiday shopping. As you might expect, I was beyond excited. As we got to the mall, there was some miscommunication – my mom thought I was with my dad, and my dad thought I was with my mom. In reality, I was in the toy department with Hot Wheels, GI Joe, and Star Wars.

I was lost in a wonderful world of toys. I was full of excitement and enthusiasm for all the toys that I just had to have at Christmas. As I walked to the end of the aisle with my arms full of toys, I noticed that my dad was not there, and my mom was not there. I was lost. I proceeded to put all the items down so I could look for someone to help me find my parents. I found someone who worked at the store and explained my predicament. She led me by the hand, and we walked over to customer service, and they called for my mom and dad.


A short while later, they called again, and still nothing. Now it just so happened that I spotted someone in the store that I had recognized from back home. I didn’t know their name, but I knew that I had seen them in my community, and I told the customer service desk that I knew this lady. She knew who my parents were, and she agreed to help me find them. She took me by the hand, and we walked down through the mall and back, and back again. I was losing hope quickly. Big thoughts began running through my little mind. I wondered what would happen if I was lost forever…

As we walked down through the mall, she looked at me with a smile and said, “I see your parents.” As we walked toward them, my heart was full of joy. We were reunited. All was well – and Christmas would not be ruined! As I think about that story, I can see some lessons that apply to how we do business… and how we do life.

First, in the hustle and bustle of working on your business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, to feel lost! Yet we live in a time where there is greater access to information than we’ve ever had before. We have books, seminars, and videos that explain how to do the most mundane activities.

On a side note, I learned to tie a tie by watching a video on Yahoo back in the day… but I digress.

This is where it can come in handy to talk to a coach, someone who has been where you are and is where you want to be. A good coach is generous with their expertise. Finding a good coach is like finding that familiar face at the mall. As that familiar face to me by the hand she was able to see things that I could not see. She was much taller than me and could see from a perspective that I did not have. A good coach offers a similar perspective. They figuratively take you by the hand and walk with you as you experience new adventures in your work.

When you discover the next step, there is unspeakable joy, just like when I was reunited with my folks. This story is not so much about getting lost, rather it’s about getting found. I believe with all my heart that each of us has a mission, vision, dream, and purpose that only we can fulfill. It’s our duty to pursue our calling. It’s our duty to push past obstacles. Don’t give up. You’ve got this. You might just need a new perspective.