I can’t think of any speaker that has had a bigger impact on my life than Jim Rohn. Jim Rohn was a master at blending business philosophy, personal development, and drops of faith.

Jim often referred to the ancients when talking about faith. I like that!

One of the ancient writers said, “what I want to do I don’t do … and I do the things I don’t want to do.” How fascinating.

I think it’s something we can all relate with.

Maybe you’ve found yourself wanting to exercise, but instead end up binge watching Netflix.

Maybe you’ve wanted to learn a language, but instead you spend 45 minutes playing candy crush.

Maybe you’ve wanted a better relationship, but you play a video game instead of spending time with your partner.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the feeling of wanting something but doing something else.

It’s happened. It’s in the past – don’t let the regrets build up.

Rohn passionately argues, you can change. … “You’re not a tree.”

Personal growth starts on the inside.

One of my mentors, Connie Ragen Green, has a great book called The Inner Game of Internet Marketing. I love the first part of that title. The Inner Game is the game that we all need to play when we desire to take the steps from where we are to where we want to be.

When we start playing the Inner game, we come face to face with questions such as: Can I do better? The answer to that questions is almost, always a resounding yes. The follow up question becomes, If I can do better, don’t I have an obligation to do better?

There are three keys to navigating the journey within (the inner game).

  1. Ask the right questions. I remember joining a mastermind and the first call started and the host of the mastermind asked the question, “What do you want?” What a great question! What do you want? What does it look like? What will it feel like? What will it take to achieve it? It’s important to realize that none of the these questions matter if you don’t start with the first question. So what do you want? Let me share a few things I want… Some things are material. For example, I want to have a Blue Ford Mustang. I want to visit Iceland. I want to have a plot of land where I can build a home for my family, a small guest home and a space to host relationship enrichment retreats.What do you want?
  2. Identify the right actions. Asking and answering the right questions will guide you to identify next actions. For example, I said I want a blue Ford Mustang. I am not going to go out and buy that today. I still need to research options, best years, and so on. I need to identify how I am going to pay for the vehicle. There are about 20 steps I need to take before I’ll be ready to own that dream car. Yesterday, I wrote a little about my fitness journey. I paid for a gym membership back in June. It should not surprise you that paying for the membership did not mean the pounds fell off … BUT it was the right next action.What does your action journey look like? What steps need to happen in order for you to reach your desired goal? What’s the next step?
  3. Visualize your success. I love Hal Elrod and his book the Miracle Morning. One of the greatest takeaways from that book was tapping into the power of visualization. I love closing my eyes, picturing the blue mustang in my driveway. I feel the smooth interior and the lights on the dash. I can smell the new car smell. I can feel the sense of satisfaction of making another dream come true. I can hear my family chatting as we cruise down Q street here in Omaha. I’m smiling as I write this.

Can you clearly see, hear, smell, and experience that which you desire? I used to live life on accident, but now I live life by design. There are still areas I’m learning to grow in but there are others areas that I’ve experienced glimpses of mastery. How is your inner game? Do you have a clear picture of where you’re going? Do you have the desire to press on even when it’s hard?

I believe in you!

Let’s walk together and make every one of your dreams come true.