A few days I posted an article on the blog called, Connection In A Digital Age. In that essay, I shared about a few people that have had an impact on me.

I’ve been thinking about connection a lot.

I’ve been thinking about resonance a lot.

When you commit to the process you will find two things: Your content will resonate with some and it won’t resonate with others.

Yet if we’re not careful, we can become derailed by the criticism of others.

I shared an example of this earlier. A co-worker saw a video I posted online and proceeded to make fun of me in front of others. I stopped making videos. That was more than a month ago.

Just one comment had me believing that my videos were not worth making.

I knew I had a message to share. I knew that I had a message that could motivate, encourage, and inspire others. Yet I let one person’s critique blow out my flame.

Do you know what that is? Silly.

I want to be candid here – Your message is NOT for everyone, but it IS for the right ones.

I was believing that my videos were silly until I received a message yesterday from a friend. It said, “That last message you sent the video. I needed that that day. I was in a hospital. I just had attempted to take my life.”

You may never know who is watching. You may never know who is being impacted. Your message has the potential to change someone’s life.

Your desire to do things differently might inspire someone to pursue a new dream. Your desire to boldly step out might encourage someone to face their fears and launch something beautiful.

Resonance is a powerful thing. You see our mind will trick us into believing that there is no room for us. Everything has already been written.

That’s simply not true.

There are still stories to be told.

There are still books to be written.

There are still songs to be sung.

There are still sermons to be preached.

There are still poems to be recited.

There is is art to be created.

There are still businesses to be started.

Maybe you were created for such a time as a time as this!

Why not you?

You have a story to tell. If you don’t share it, someone else might come along, but they won’t tell the story in the same way that you can.

There are personalities that resonate with you that may not resonate with me and that is ok!

In the past two years I’ve had the joy of connecting with creators from around the globe. I’ve spoken to writers in India and Kuwait; South Africa and Portugal; Israel and the UK. I’ve spoken to people here at home in the U.S. Each person has a dream.

So why not you?

I think of all the amazing creators who I’ve seen step up, and step out and create content that matters.

People like Jesse who recently released a book called Extra Focus about ADHD. That book is an answer to someone’s prayer.

People like Monica who recently moved to the United States from South Korea and is now exploring all sorts of fun adventures including a podcast called Let’s Get Practical.

People like Michael who has been writing for the past few years about Stoicism and in the past few months started a side business selling the busts of some of the great stoic philosophers. This is in addition to publishing several ebooks.

What will you create?

What idea will you create that causes resonance with someone who will one day be inspired enough to write a post like this mentioning you as a source of inspiration?

Ideas Are Everywhere

Have you ever read something, or heard something that made you stop and think, “That’s for me.”

I read books, take courses, and listen to podcasts because I believe ideas are everywhere.

Ideas can inspire but as Stephen Covey wrote, “to know and not to do is really not to know.”

Stop waiting!

You will never know what is possible until you take perfectly, imperfect action.

You can start today.

Let me make a small confession. I spent two weeks delaying writing because I wanted to make tweak after tweak on this site.

Don’t let design hold you back! It’s an excuse! Learn to ignore the excuses and create quickly.

You have a message that will resonate.

You serve noone by holding back and playing small.

Just get started.